01. Here Goes Nothing


It’s finally here. Shawn and I are all packed up and making our way to China tomorrow. If you had come to me a year ago (as we said our I-do’s, honeymooned and planned bathroom remodels) and said that this would be our life today, I would have laughed in your face and walked away (quickly… because you’re obviously a crazy person). It’s been such a blur leading up to this moment and, to be honest, I don’t think it has really hit us yet. You would think after packing up our home, handing over the keys to two cars, living in three hotels, condensing our lives to five bags and sharing a few final laughs (and tears) with you all, that this major life change would finally be sinking in, but it hasn’t. I know reality will eventually give me one big slap across the face when all of the excitement dies down. Most days, I will be sitting in a lonely apartment while Shawn is off killing it. For now, though, I am going to ride this wave and let you know when reality comes a knockin’.

Fortunately, the moving process has been pretty smooth sailing so far. When we were originally presented with this opportunity last October, we were scheduled to move at the beginning of this year. However, Shawn’s project was delayed, so we have had a good amount of time to wrap our heads around the idea of putting our life here on pause. If it were not for that delay, I think him and I would have had a few heart attacks by now. The hardest part of this journey so far was deciding what in the world we were going to do with our house (and everything in it!). We played around with the idea of selling, but I probably would have imploded with sadness plus, the housing market is doing so well, I think we would have been foolish to let it go. So here we are, letting strangers take care of our child while we go play on the other side of the world. I would be lying if I said we haven’t driven by a few times to make sure it is still standing. If our tenants somehow stumbled upon this and are reading… I am sorry for the drive-bys. Don’t judge me; I promise, I am not crazy. Just make sure you turn off the stove. As for all of our belongings, we had to decide if they needed to go in our air shipment (limited space; arrives in two to four weeks), sea shipment (40ft. shipping container, arrives in four to six months), storage (see ya’ when we get back) or donate. We had to do this for every. single. freaking. thing. we own… within TWO days! It was probably one of the most stressful situations I have ever been in. Just think about how many things you have sitting in your house, all the stuff tucked away in “miscellaneous” drawers and having to decide when you might be needing it or if you even need it at all. We ended up having eight giant garbage bags filled with donations and trash once the whole process was over. This was even after we thought we purged all of the junk and had a garage sale. I thought those few days were never going to come to an end. Thank goodness they did, I don’t know how much more of it I would have been able to handle. Now we wait and hope the items that made the cut survive their trip across the pond.

Where are we going to live when we get to Chengdu, you ask. That is a GREAT question! The answer: we have no clue. Well, that’s half of the answer. We thought we landed an AMAZING apartment in this great high-rise compound, but this fancy Japanese businessman was balling harder than us and won the hearts of the landlords with a few more dollar signs than we had access to. So, as for now we will be living in… wait for it… a hotel! This Friday, my mission is to see every single apartment in the city as many apartments that my legs and eyes will allow. I’ll let you know if we have any luck. I don’t know if anything will compare to the one we lost to Mr. Business, but I’ll let you form your opinion once it’s all said and done. As for now, you can admire his wonderful new bachelor pad below –

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I am starting 52 in Chengdu so we can share this journey with you all. As time keeps moving forward, phone calls and emails become less frequent as the distance becomes the new normal, we wanted a way to be able to tell you our stories without missing all the details that make them so unique. I hope you stay tuned and enjoy all the adventures that are to come. Send your recommendations on places we should see while we’re away – there are already so many on the list, we can’t decide!

First up – one night in Hong Kong. Here goes nothing!


  1. Ana Colnaghi May 11, 2015

    What a life experiense you are about to have! Believe me when I say that a year goes by way too fast when you are at some place new meeting new people and places every single day! And the weird thing is that once its “over” it seems like you had stayed for years – because it makes you grow as a person everyday. Thats my way of seeing it and Im sure you will grow together witch is even better. I miss that feeling, we have talked so many times of doung something like that – its too bad our jobs hold us too strong here, for now at least. Hope you have a great time, lots to see and feel. Wouldnt miss going to countries that are easy to get since you are so close!! Thailand and Indonesia , top of my list! I had very little experience in China since we only stayed for a couple of days , so I will love to read your stories as they go along… Cant wait to hear more.

    Miss you girl, you were a part of a really important time of my life and its always great to see that you are so happy and found someone that looks like a really good person and great for you!


    • Jordan May 12, 2015

      Thank you, Ana! Miss you and so happy for everything that has come your way! If you ever find yourself wanting to come back to China, you always have a home with us!

      Love you, girl!

  2. Kate Kozarevich May 11, 2015

    Have fun!!!! You’re young……enjoy the adventure!


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