09. Island Hopping in Phuket


What is the first vision that comes to mind when you think of Thailand? White sands and turquoise waters? Mouth watering pad thai with a side of panoramic ocean views? Phuket was nothing short of what we expected for the bikini and vitamin D portion of our trip. On day one, the first thing on our agenda was to hop on a scooter and hit the beach for some rays while we waited for lions in our stomachs to wake up. We drove down a slice of the coast until we found the perfect spot to claim as our territory. We found a stunning cove and laid out our mark before cooling off in the blue waters. The water was crystal clear and the perfect way to start off our adventures in this world famous beach town. We wanted to take advantage of the access the scooter gave us, so we found a cafe on the other side of the island and set out to the see the scenery. As we continued to explore the island we hand our eyes on the

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